Artist Statement

Hunting and tramping in the tussocks of the main divide, where the colours and contrast of light against the natural beauty of landscape, inspired my passion for painting.

Painting in the high country requires me to spend a great deal of time in the field, usually in the autumn when the mountain grasses and plants have been burnt off over the summer, I join the annual muster when merinos and cattle are pushed down to the lowlands for the winter.  

From saddle up in the early morning to last light at the end of a long day I follow and observe musterers in their daily work. 

Constantly looking for an angle a painting takes shape with the help of thumbnail sketches and notes in my dairy. The painting is then started and finished in the comfort of my studio.

"This land deserves to be painted!"  

Norman Sinclair.

The Artist.


Born in 1950, Norman Sinclair was raised in the seaside village of Portobello on the Otago Peninsula of New Zealand. 

Sinclair's early exposure to a talented English water-colourist, Frank Reid was the greatest influence on his career. Read's use of watercolour and the excitement it created became a trigger for the young Sinclair, and watercolour - one of the most challenging mediums to control - became a lifelong fascination for the artist.  "The results never fail to amaze me"

A move to Auckland in the mid eighties and learning the craft of painting and picking up on the wisdom of Graham Chote, owner of International Art Centre in Parnell. A fortuitous meeting as it was Chote who suggested Sinclair return to the mountains, a move which saw him realise his dream of becoming the full time artist he is today.


Image: Lake Ohau